Group Transport

The Flyer is available  for use by groups from the local community. You can go anywhere in the UK, you can use bus lanes in busy towns and you do not need to pay a congestion charge in London. The Flyer can accomodate up to 14 people including the driver. Plus, its very simple to arrange.

Firstly you will need to contact our Bookings Secretary who is in charge of the Flyer diary: her number is 01672-520682 or 07584-253117. She will check the availability, and help you sort out your Hirer and Driver  forms. The cost to hire the flyer for a private group is very low, only £25 per day, paid as a non-refundable booking fee, plus £1.50 per mile including fuel. There are special rates for Community organisations.

Secondly, you will need to find a volunteer driver. This can be someone who is going on your trip. Drivers  should be over 25 and have no more than 3 points on their licence. If they have not driven the Flyer before, they will need to have a short familiarisation with a committee member which is a very straightforward process.On completion of the process they will become one of our volunteer drivers. When the day of your trip arrives, you will collect the Flyer keys, from the Bookings Secretary and return them to her, after your trip. It's as easy as that !!


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Flyer visits local villages, including Ramsbury, Baydon, Adbourne, Axford, Mildenhall, Froxfield and Chilton Foliat, picking up residents at a central place and taking them to the Surgery for their appointments : the return journey is made asap, later that morning.In order to use this free service, you simply need to mention this to the Receptionist when you are booking your appointment at the Surgery. This service is paid for by the Doctors, and the Flyer is driven by one of our volunteer drivers. As a passenger, if you wish to make a donation towards the cost, there are envelopes available at the Surgery. Quote from retired Dr Owen Jones : "The flyer provides a wonderful service which is much appreciated by our patients, who are able to come to the surgery for treatment, which could not be given on a home visit. Additionally, they may well feel less isolated and enjoy meeting with their friends".


Twice each week, on Wednesday and Friday mornings, the Flyer takes passengers from Ramsbury into Hungerford, and returns them during early lunchtime. Full details, and times, for this service are available on the 'New Timetable' schedule, which includes the Froxfield service.On Wednesday, the Flyer leaves Ramsbury at 10 am, collecting from Chilton Foliat, and dropping off passengers in Hungerford at approx 10.20 am. It then collects passengers from Froxfield, and brings them back into Hungerford. The return journeys leave Hungerford at 11.35 am, to Froxfield, and then at 12.05 pm to Chilton Foliat and Ramsbury, reaching the latter at approx 12.25 pm. On Friday, the Flyer leaves Aldbourne at 10 am, collecting from Ramsbury and Froxfield, on its way to Hungerford. There is no service via Chilton Foliat on a Friday. These times have been arranged to coincide with the trains in Hungerford. One of our volunteers will be driving.You can use your bus pass on these services, or pay cash.


On the second Thursday of the month, the Flyer has a regular excursion into Newbury: this leaves the square in Ramsbury at 11.30am, and you can also be collected from Back Lane, Axford, Ramsbury High Street and Aldbourne. The bus leaves Newbury at 14:30pm. This is not a scheduled service, so bus passes cannot be accepted. The fare is £5 and you need to book with Janet to reserve your place on 01672-520682 or 07584 253117.


Usually on the first Wednesday of the month, the Flyer runs a scheduled service into Marlborough : a schedule is available for this service, and bus passes can be used.

Day Trips

We are running various day trips over the coming months : details of these are given elsewhere on this website, also in the Ramsbury Flyer advert in the Whitton Ways magazine, in the Ramsbury Diary, and on local posters.During August last year, for example, we had a lovely day trip to Mudeford Quay, with ten passengers aboard the Flyer. It was a sunny day, and everyone had a good time, spending a few hours on the beach, at the café, and climbing Hengistbury Head – some passengers even went kayaking in Christchurch Harbour!If you have any ideas for a Flyer day trip, please call Janet on 520682 or email booking@ramsburyflyer.org.