Group Transport

The Flyer is available  for use by groups from the local community. You can go anywhere in the UK, you can use bus lanes in busy towns and you do not need to pay a congestion charge in London. The Flyer can accomodate up to 14 people including the driver. 

Before starting the process of hiring the bus, please consider the following.

  • Self drive hire is not allowed. We will need to provide you with one of our regular drivers.
  • Only organisations with a community purpose or charities may hire the bus.

If you're happy you meet the criteria to hire the bus, check the calendar to see if the Flyer is available. Then contact the Booking Secretary Janet, who is in charge of the Flyer diary : her number is 01672-520682 or 07584 253117 or email booking@ramsburyflyer.org. She will confirm the availability, and help you sort out your Hirer  forms (which can be downloaded below).

The community rate to hire the flyer is very low, only £1.25 per mile for the first 100 miles and £1 per mile thereafter.

Once you've reserved the bus, you will need to find a volunteer driver. This must be someone from our list of existing volunteers.

To download the hire forms or Conditions of Hire please click on the links below